430pm - 530pm

Ages 12-18 (Grades 7th - 12th Only)


This program is designed to develop young athletes in pursuing collegiate level athletics


This program offers youth a direct route to maximizing their potential. Each athlete is given a screening to safely assess their current developmental skill, functional movement, and critical dysfunction leading to potential injury.  


It involves intense speed, strength, agility & conditioning, and functional movement training to help young athletes develop their bodies to be stronger, faster, more agile and healthier....and to better prevent future injuries that could devestate an athletic career.  We create the foundation for athletes to reach their peak performance and maintain that peak level performance for longer lengths of time than average athletes. All athletes in this program receive personalized training in a group atmosphere of elite athletic peers who help push each other to a higher level of competition.   


Here at House of Sportz we know that the keys to elevating performance are being strong and powerful, having endurance to finish a gruelling season, and the movement skill to make highlight reel plays. The Elite Player Development Program will get you ready for the season by having you reach peak levels in strength, speed and power.


$120 per month

$100 for House of Sportz Travel Players