Youth Core, Strength, Speed & Agility Classes 


AGES 6-10:    11AM-12PM

AGES 11-17:  1230PM-130PM

Athletes will focus on advancing motor skills as well as agility, run technique, balance, coordination, speed, linear & lateral technique & overall core strength.  Your athlete will move better, run faster, jump higher, lift harder, and greatly decrease their risk of injury by the end of this program.  Athletes will be divided based on age/fitness level.

$10 per class 


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Small Group Training Classes NOW AVAILAB

This class will provide young athletes with baseball/softball fielding & hitting instruction.  Athletes will receive instruction on proper hitting mechanics through drills, tee work, cage work and live batting practice with an Instructor.  Athletes will have the mechanics of a proper and powerful swing broken down and explained to them, followed by implementation so they can learn how to properly swing their bat for maximum power and accuracy.  They will also receive instruction on fielding technique, situation awareness and enhancing the basic defensive fundamentals of baseball/softball in order to play at a higher level of competition.


This class is designed to help the beginning and intermediate player to understand the science of their swing and fielding and to create the perfect foundation to build on.  Our goal is to help young players develop these fundamental skills and gain confidence in their abilities in a fun group setting.  Classes are led by our professional instructors, so players always get high-quality personalized instruction.


Topics covered in our Hitting segment are:

  -  How to properly step in the batter's box

  -  Batting Stance and setting up to hit

  -  Loading and pre-pitch preparation

  -  Swing fundamentals and timing

  -  Opposite-field approach

  -  Increasing contact rate, power and ball exit-speed

Topics covered in our Fielding segment are:

  -  Proper footwork

  -  Correct throwing form for accuracy and power

  -  Situational awareness (where to throw and why)

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