Youth Core, Strength, Speed & Agility Classes 


AGES 7-12:    3PM - 4PM

Athletes will focus on advancing motor skills as well as agility, run technique, balance, coordination, speed, linear & lateral technique & overall core strength.  Your athlete will move better, run faster, jump higher, lift harder, and greatly decrease their risk of injury by the end of this program.  Athletes will be divided based on age/fitness level.

$10 per class 

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Elite Speed, Strenth & Agility Classes


AGES 13-18:    4PM - 5PM

This program is for the above-average athlete and involves intense speed, strength, agility & conditioning, and functional movement training to help young athletes develop their bodies to be stronger, faster, more agile, and more explosive for their specific sports.

This class will utilize the VertiMax machine as well as weights.  Please bring a water bottle and towel to every class. 


*THIS CLASS IS NOT FOR BEGINNERS*  If you are new to working out please enroll in Youth Speed & Agility regardless of age.

$10 per class 


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Baseball & Softball Training Classes


AGES 7-10:      530PM - 7PM

AGES 11-14:    7PM - 830PM

Our Baseball & Softball Training Classes are led by instructors who work with your young athlete to teach the proper fundamentals of throwing, fielding and hitting and ensure they take lots of reps.  This is a great class for athletes who want to further develop their skills and discipline during the off-season.  

90-min of Hitting, Fielding & Throwing instruction with House of Sportz Instructors.

Don't miss out on this affordable opportunity to get a step-up on the competition with this offseason training program!

Open to the Public (not just for Travel Team Players)


$15 per class 


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